On. Off. Safe.



Aircraft Detection System

Laufer Wind’s ADS is a radar-activated lighting solution for wind farms. The system is designed to balance obstruction lighting requirements placed on wind farms by civil aviation authorities with the nuisance light concerns of local communities – one of the frequently cited impediments to wind energy developments.

System Design

Laufer Wind deploys radar units on the perimeter of a wind farm, optimally placed to meet the safety coverage requirements while minimizing costs to the developer. Radars are controlled by a central computer, which in turn relays on/off commands to wind turbine obstruction lights via fiber infrastructure.

Radar Technology

Laufer Wind's proprietary MD-12 radar has the capabilities for an Aircraft Detection System required by Civil Aviation Authorities, at a fraction of our competitors' cost. Specs for the MD-12 available here.


Our system contains multiple levels of redundant fail-safe protection, to assure that risk to assets, pilots and communities is minimized. The default is set to a Lights On condition if hardware or software problems occur.